ShroomPAC2020 will never take corporate or government funding. It is our commitment to be the peoples lobby, And represent the hundreds of thousands of people world-wide who deserve to be involved in this burgeoning movement. Due to it's transformative, and incredibly powerful nature it is especially important that psychedelic medicine remain as low-cost and readily available to as many people as possible, regardless of their income or ability to pay. We need your help to educate the public and stand up to drug-war fear-mongering.

The only reason we exist is because people like you get involved. Support the future of Drug Policy Reform and Envision a world where people can access the magic of mushrooms: Support ShroomPAC2020 today using your Debit or Credit card by clicking the donate button below. *if your an Oregon Resident check to see if you qualify for the "Oregon Political Tax Credit"

OR by mailing your contribution, with first and last name (occupation if above $100) to

4075 sw 107th #8 Beaverton, Or, 97005



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